Saturday, June 5, 2010


I'm sorry. I've actually been home for a while now. A little over one week!
Weird, huh?
Anyways, I just wanted to finish up this blog and tell you how much this trip has affected me.
I came back very jet lagged and culture shocked. I feel guilty when I want to spend money. I can't believe how clean the streets are. I can't believe how quickly the water gets hot when I turn on the shower. I can't believe the water even gets hot. I can't believe people actually complain about not getting $1,000 rims on their new truck. I can't believe I have a fridge full of food. I can't believe they kill cows here... I can't believe people actually drive in the lanes on the road. I can't believe I spent a month in Nepal.

I will never forget the people I met in Nepal. They are some of the best people on the planet. I am convinced this is true. Especially the kids at the Kathmandu Training Center (I don't know why I call them kids. We're the same age). They are training to be social mobilizers because they love their country and want to make it better. They are going to be awesome.

And this guy. Rajesh. He was only given the opportunity to go to school up until Class 3. Which is like 7 year olds I think... But he's working hard and studying English and trying to help his family back in the village and working to go on a mission.
He's one of the coolest people I've ever met.
To finish up, I'll just leave you with a couple of my favorite pictures from the trip :)

I love Nepal, and I feel like I left a big piece of my heart there.

Someday, I need to go back.

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