Friday, May 21, 2010

beauty at its finest.

Want to see some of the world's most beautiful faces?
Good. You're in for a treat.
I met these kiddos today.
I am so fond of them.

They were all clammering to be in a picture. And then they'd beg me to see it. It was so adorable. They loooved seeing themselves on camera and even more, they loved being in pictures with their friends. They just laughed and laughed every time I showed them a picture.
I am a lucky girl to get to meet all these incredible people.

This guy showed us around at the water project in Bhaktapur. I am quite fond of him as well. Haha. The water project is going to help so much. It is amazing to see the influence of the church in even a small country like Nepal. There is one tiny branch in all of Nepal. Can you believe it? And yet the church is here.

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  1. those kiddos are so so so cute! how fun for you guys! we miss you and can't wait to hear all about your trip. by the way, do you want to move in with me? :o)