Wednesday, May 19, 2010

playing catch up

I'm sorry I'm so terrible at this, but honestly, what did you expect? Nothing. That's probably a good idea. Then you don't get your hopes crushed when you come to this blog and see it hasn't been updated and your whole day is ruined. For some of you, this may have happened, and to those people I say, "Should've known better."
Naw. Just kidding.
I would sincerely love to update you on our week of adventures that occurred
May 10-14
So we drove 9 hours (I wanted to die) from Kathmandu to Lumbini. We took a pitstop near Chitwan and Rakesh showed us his family farm. I tasted some weird fruit off the tree that wasn't ripe and made enemies with a goat and met some baby water buffalos.
In Lumbini we took a walk around and Kam and I saw the cutest/dirtiest little girls ever. We went back out to find them again and give them a cinnamon roll and when we finally found them they were terrified of the tall, white strangers speaking a language that they couldn't understand and holding something they had never seen before. Needless to say our plans to enrich their lives with cinnamon buttery goodness failed. My mom got really sick and I got pretty sick so the next day when everyone went to the birthplace of Buddha, we stayed in our hotel room.
Who's Buddha anyway?
When they returned from Buddha's place
(where he was born through his mother's armpit and took 7 steps. impressive eh?)
we headed back to some place I don't know for a wheel chair distribution.

I made a new friend that kept fanning me and when I said, "Thank you so much but please stop fanning me" he responded with, "LOVE IS LIFE!" Kam whispered, "Love is listening to people when they don't want you to fan them." hahaha. He was nice. He also said, "My friend, my wheelchair. You gift me my wheelchair. I very very happy!"
I also got to give a blind man his blind stick. It was such a sweet experience. I took his hand softly and placed it on the stick. When he knew what it was his whole face lit up and a huge smile appeared. I squeezed his hand and felt extremely happy. It was so great.
Grandpa spoke and got a cool hat.

We then went to Chitwan and found that when we turned off the lights the fan turned on too. They couldn't figure out the problem so Kam took out the light bulbs haha. The next morning I we went to ride elephants and I met Kewl. He really was Kewl.
What you can't see is that we're on a huge elephant in the middle of a ffreaking forest thing.
You also can't see that we were attacked by a TIGER!!!
Naw. I wish.
We did see some deer and peacock and stuffff.
Our elephant was sooo hungry, he kept stopping to eat.
The kicker was that it only cost like $20 and it was a 2 HOUR ride.

We then walked through this other tree filled thing in search for a rhino. This dude was in there and I don't really know who he is but he's funny. In my mind I call him George of the Jungle. We did end up finding the rhino + its baby and when it saw Kam's white shirt it attacked! Not. It took a couple steps and the dude was like, "Get behind the big tree. Go!" My mom ran and it was funny because I didn't do anything. I should have taken a picture of her. I could have taken that rhino with my ninja skills.

We then drove to Pokhara. Like 3 hours. We went shopping and I bought something for my future children. I'm not even kidding. (Not the thing that follows. The sign on it just killed me)

The next morning we woke up way early and went to see the sunrise. We almost missed it because the hotel parking was crazy and our van was blocked. Mahindra, our driver, was a beast though. You should have seen him drive up the mountain.

The view of the Himalayas was amazing. So beautiful.

Then we went to Davies Falls where a lady died. The sign literally says,

"finally she was dead..."

They recovered Mrs. Davies' body after a while. Dumb lady was "bathing" with her husband near the falls. Maybe I shouldn't say that. Sorry Mrs. Davies. You're not dumb. But you are dead. Rest in peace lady. You now have a cool falls named after you.

After that we went to a cave thing where we were attacked by

g h o s t s!

(not really but look at the picture)

It was so cooool!

Yeah, that's it. Phew. That took FOREVER.

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  1. you are too funny! your mom just told me the rhino story. i laughed so hard. i wish i could be there for all the fun adventures. keep posting! i love you all the days!