Sunday, May 2, 2010

Day 6: Jaipur

In Jaipur we saw the Pink City, Amber Fort, some little temple thing, and some other place where we saw things that they used to keep time and find horoscopes. Oh yeah, the Observatory. Pretty cool. And then we went to City Palace and saw the Water Palace.
This whole day was pretty cool but nothing beats the Taj Mahal. Bullets.
  • Pink City really is pink.
  • Amber fort is not made out of Amber.
  • I got a dot on my forehead in the temple thing.
  • Sat in an ancient "jacuzzi" at Amber Fort.
  • Kam charmed a cobra. He even wore a little hat and played some kind of flute.
  • Two little boys gave us a magic show. One claimed us when we got out of the car and when the other came up to steal his claim they got into a major fight. Our guide (who was crazy) told them that they had to split whatever they got. During the magic show, three balls got sent to Mumbai, Delhi, and Agra but then they returned. Also, a rupee disappeared and magically appeared in my ear. He had me blow on a knife and a flower opened up right in my face. I LOVE LITTLE MAGICIANS. they so cool.
  • I honestly can't remember and I don't want to refer to my journal.
  • I do remember that Singh (our guide) was obsessed with the camera and kept saying stuff like, "My turn" and "I will now take a picture". Crazy.

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